911 – Where is your Emergency?

I wish I had sense to snap some pictures in the middle of feeling like I was being broken in on and the feeling that I might have to protect my children.  Oh wait!  That is why I forgot to take pictures.  Haha

Here is to a great 911 Operator and Layton Police Department Officer


I’m woken up to these type of horrific sounds and hearing the door shake like someone is trying to break in the house.  Like body slam the door to break it down.  I throw Troy out of the bed and grab my phone.  More Booms and Thuds to follow.  Troy is screaming and freaking out.  I have no idea what is going on but know it’s not good.  I call 911 and here is the conversation…

(I am spending the night with Jeramy, and Troy and my sister’s new home in Layton, Utah.  She has not fully moved out of her old house so she and her husband went back and slept at the old home because their bed had not been moved to the new house yet.  So I am in a house that I have never stepped foot in before that is 4 levels and multiple entrances..)

911 Operator – “911 – Where is your emergency?”

Me – “I don’t know but someone is breaking into the house I’m at”

911 – “Ma’am, where are you located?”

Me – “I don’t know!  I’m at my sister’s new house and she’s not here.  I have no idea where I am”

911 – “Tell me what your emergency is?”

Me – “I don’t know but someone is trying to break in a door.  There is all these loud slamming noises and the door is shaking.” (Troy is screaming again)

911 – “Is anyone hurt?”

me – “No, they haven’t broken in yet but my son is freaked out” (yelling at Jeramy – GET OUT OF BED!!)

911 – “What can you tell me about where you are located?”

Me – “I don’t know!  Can’t you ping my iPhone?  I’m in Layton but have no clue where.”

911- “Yes Ma’am. I am locating the closest Cell Tower now.  However we need more information.  Can you tell us any street names?”

Me – “What?  No!  I don’t know where I am.  I’m in a subdivision.  Wait…The address is in a text she sent me yesterday.  Let me look at it.  Hold on” (now I’m trying to pull up my text messages without hanging up on the 911 operator and shaking like a leaf like Troy is grabbing me and Jeramy is like “dude, why did you wake me up?”  CRAP – Did you know you can’t get to your text messages when you are on the phone with 911?  Well I do now!

Me – “I can’t get the address because I can’t get to my text messages.  Quick – Jeramy look in your iTouch..What was the address. 

Jeramy-“ ummm  2400 East 3600 North”

Me – “Jeramy that is a general location not a specific address.  It needs more numbers!”

911 – “Ma’am, what direction is the house facing? North South East or West?”

Me – “Are you kidding me?!?!  I have no idea.  I got here in the dark and was lost.  I have NO IDEA!”

911 – “Is there a car out front or anything you can tell me?”

Me – “Oh yes, my black Yukon is in the drive way…it has a Mickey Mouse Trailer Hitch. You know the silhouette of Mickey Mouse.”

911 – “Can you look in the Back yard and tell me what you see?”

Me – “It’s dark. I don’t see anything!. There are not lights on”

911 – “Have they broken in yet?” 

Me – “No, its quiet right now.”

THUD- BOOM- CRASH- Troy SCREAMS – Jeramy grabs Troy and Freaking out!

911 – “Can you tell me how you got to the house?”

Me – “With really bad directions! And my iPhone died so I didn’t have my maps locator to help me”

911- Silence

Me – Wait – I was on 89 and got off at 404 and then turned left by a church with a cross and then that road went and I turned. But then there was her house because she was standing outside waving me down”

911 – “That will help us”

911 – “Ma’am, are you armed?”

Me – “Armed? No!”

911 – “Who is with you in the house?”

Me – “My two boys 16, and 8 and myself?”

911 – “Can you look at a front window there is an officer on scene.  Can you see him?”

Me – “YES! I see him”


I see officer Jump and flash his flash light

Me – “Can I go to the front door?”

911- “No!  Do not open any doors! Stay inside!”

Troy is in window waving to officer

Me – Quickly trying to get dressed

911 – “The officer is approaching the door, please go to the door and open it”

Me – “Can I hang up?  What is going on?”

911- “Do not hang up until you are with the officer. “

Open door

Officer –“ Good morning Ma’am.  Are you ok?”

Me – “Well a lot freaked out!  But yes we are fine”

Officer – “I believe I found the problem.  The snow off the roof has been breaking loose and sliding off.  When it hits the ground it’s causing a problem.”

SNOW Again is falling almost hitting the officer

“See, there it goes again.  Would you like me to check the rest of the house to be certain?”

Me – Now completely embarrassed.  “Ummm…no, I’m thinking we are ok now.  I am SO SORRY!”

Officer – “It’s just fine Ma’am.”

Me – “Thank you! Good-bye”

Now I go into the house and go towards the sliding glass door off the kitchen.  Turn on the light and realize there are 10-12 splotches about 2 inches in diameter of blood on the deck.  Some are mixed with a little bit of water but it’s blood.  I began to LAUGH so hard.  Seriously I think to myself.  If the officer had gone in the back yard and seen the blood oh the Drama that would have caused.  He never would have believed me.  I mean who has blood on a deck and doesn’t clean it up? Right?  Well the night before the dog had cut it’s toe nail so it was bleeding and running all over.  Hence the blood but it was cold and late so it never got cleaned up.  However I can only imagine if the Officer had seen the blood what he would have done then. 

Lesson Learned – Don’t count of your phone to know anything!  Know your address, phone numbers, and where to get help.  This was so exhausting and nerve racking because I didn’t know where I was or even how to get myself help.  Honestly if someone had been trying to break in, they would have.  It took the Layton Police Department 10 minutes to find me.  Which is quick considering the horrific directions I gave them.  

Kudos to Layton Police Department and any law enforcement that has to deal with these situations.  I can laugh now but what if?!?!



Light Painting a Scene – Eric Curry Style

I will definitely miss the opportunities I have had to be with a group of people who enjoy what I am enjoying.  This last weekend as a student group from Brigham Young University Idaho Communication Department, we spent 3 days together learning.  It was intense and every minute was filled with practical moments that helped to build skills.  On Thursday evening a group of us set out to accomplish a new style of Light Painting, Eric Curry Style.  The concept is to take a large space and focus on individual areas lighting each area up in separate frames.  Then through the use of Photoshop with layers and masks you bring back in the areas of focus.  We began with the fire ring and tree stumps.  Next we added the 2 people sitting around the fire.  We added another person in the far back getting wood and then focused on the fence rails.  In the end we used the large spotlights to light up some of the far back trees.  The final picture was to actually make a fire and capture it.  Take a look at each picture to see just what I’m explaining.  The complied results are pretty cool and fun.  I love the creativity and use of design skills to accomplish this piece.

This first picture has some more extreme edits.  I let my imagination go a bit crazy and added some fun effects.  Since this was a personal assignment to learn new things, I wanted to have some fun too.

Same picture after all the layers and masks and before some fun edits

Here are the original before pictures to create such a fun style of Light Painting Eric Curry Style!

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Light Painting

Crazy fun times happen with light painting.  On our recent trip with Advanced Digital Imaging we set out to light paint an old barn.  It was a bit crazy with so many photographers learning the ropes on how to set up their cameras.  With all the flashlights and torch lights it seems we were always catching random light flares on our lens.  Ok, it was frustrating until I came out with my first picture.  WOW!  I love it!

This first piece is a HDR Light Painting – Caryn Esplin Style

After bracketing 3 exposures and lighting up the barn this is what I got.  A fellow student was inside the barn doing some light painting of his own and this is what I caught.

Light Painting_HDR_Caryn Esplin Style_Rebecca Grace Photo Design

Who’s in there?

I had to capture the reverse look to this same picture…Sort of a fun shot.  I love how the red in the wood jumps out.

Light Painting_Rebecca Grace Photo Design

A Look Outside

This next shot was taken with a long exposure to light up the entire scene.  I have some slight cropping on this photo but otherwise it is straight out of the camera.  I loved how our model held so still for this one.

Light Painting_Long Exposure_Rebecca Grace Photo Design

Moonlight River Trip

This final piece is a table top display of old bottles.  I love the labels.  Katie painted in light from the top shinning down on each bottle which gave a nice effect.

Light Painting_Table Top_Rebecca Grace Photo Design

Snake Oils

Portraits – Senior Pictures – Assignment 2

For the second assignment in Advanced Digital Imaging, as a class we took our first of 3 overnight retreats that was jam packed with photo opportunities.  What a way to learn and fast!  We had great models who would work the camera well and it was a fun time for everyone.  For me portraits are new.  It’s definitely out of my comfort zone.  I can definitely see area’s that I need to improve on, however I was pleasantly surprised at how sharp many of my portraits turned out.  Thank goodness for a prime lens to help me out as I was still learning the ins and outs of a new camera.  Here are a few of my favorites from each of our models.

F0r a new added bit of fun, I redesigned my logo and placed the watermark on these photos.  I think it’s still a work in progress as it’s not as bold as I would hoped, however I still like it!


Movie Poster – Mamas Boy

Another semester has begun.  I am working on the first project for Advanced Digital Imaging which happens to be a Movie Poster.  I had to include a self portrait and at  least 2 pictures.  I came up with this theme from a friend and thought I would expand on it.  I used Photomatix to blend the 3 background images and then brought back in the colors of the sky as I saw them.  With layers, opacity and masks I was able to put the other pictures on the HDR background.  I love the lines in the background with the vibrant colors.

This was a fun project.  I’m sure I will add to this before it’s due next Thursday but having this much done feels great!

Below are the pictures used to create this piece.


Photoshop World Portfolio and Guru Contest Entries

Hey Everyone, I’m feeling like a broken record but here they are again all in one spot for PSW in two weeks! I’m excited and I hope you are too.  Let me know what you think. I have room to add a picture or two if someone thinks its necessary!   Enjoy!

Photo Restoration:  Driving Through the Redwoods

Before / After



Photo Retouching: The End of Our Heritage  Photoshop World 2012 Guru Finalist Las Vegas




Photography: Shine Through a Recession

Portfolio Pictures:

Photo Restoration – Guru PSW September 2012

This was fun.  My first attempt was done in less than 15 mins while watching the women’s Olympic gymnastics.  I received enough feedback to give me the insight to sit down and give this some serious time.  I can only imagine the story behind this picture and of course I have made up my own as I have tried to capture the essence of these individuals.  My Grandfather is in the middle with his arm in the passenger side window.  He is obviously with 2 couples who seem a bit older than he is.  This photo was likely taken pre 1930 in Yosemite National Forrest. 

This picture is poor with low resolution to begin with and had thousands of little white dots all over it.  I used spot healing while zoomed in and a very tiny brush to remove each one of them.  Then I added slight color on individual layers.  I also adjusted the levels and curves.  Finally I cropped the blemished edge from the original and put a new white border around it to make it look crisp.

Click on the Photo to enlarge and check it out.